Owners ordered to pony up after donkey chomps on $461k McLaren

Owners ordered to pony up after donkey chomps on $461k McLaren

A German court has ordered a donkey's owners to pay 5,800 euros ($8,700) to the driver of a pricey McLaren sports car to cover damage caused when the animal chomped the backside of the vehicle.

Police said Vitus the donkey might have mistaken the orange McLaren parked next to his enclosure as a giant carrot when he bit the back, damaging the paint and a carbon-fibre piece.

"It was a beautiful day. I just wanted to go to the doctor," said car owner Markus Zahn.

"There was a parking lot there. I drive backwards to the parking lot and while driving backwards the donkey bites [the car]."

The dpa news agency reported the state court in Giessen sided with the car owner, who filed the suit after the donkey owner refused reimbursement for the incident last September.

At the time, local media reported the owner of the donkey refused to pay for the damage, telling the McLaren owner he should have picked a better parking place.

Mr Zahn, who arrived at court in his McLaren, said the car had a listed price of 307,000 euros ($461,000) and the damaged was 5,800 euros ($8,700).

Patrick Liesching, spokesman of regional court in Giessen, said the owner of the donkey was obliged to pay the damages.