Steve May 4, 2022

Source: Washington Post

Stacey Abrams will pivot from fundraising for her Georgia gubernatorial race to redirect funds to abortion rights groups after the leak of the draft Supreme Court decision.

“This moment demands action, so I will be blunt: The abomination of that leaked opinion is coming to find every one of us,” Abrams said Wednesday in a campaign email, per Eugene Scott. “Women in Georgia and across this country. LGBTQ+ and disabled people. And particularly those of color or low-income. This is a terrifying time for our nation.”

“In response, we have a right to be angry, and a right to be right,” added Abrams, who is running unopposed in the Democratic primary. “But my parents taught me that it is insufficient to be merely upset; you have to act.”

Abrams listed a number of abortion rights groups including Planned Parenthood Southeast and NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia that would benefit from her campaign’s funds. The announcement came a day after the former state lawmaker expressed her anger on Twitter about the draft opinion that could mean the end to a constitutional right to abortion.

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