Steve September 16, 2020

Well, this is pretty sick. Girod just lost the home that his parents built to the wildfires but finds time to blame environmentalists for creating the conditions where, in his words, “a giant bomb of fire went off.”

I suppose this equates to some sort of ecoterrorism in his twisted view. And if that’s the case, then I suppose to Girod that also makes environmentalists accessories to murder for the deaths of many, including 13-year-old Wyatt Tofte and his grandmother, Peggy Mosso. Tofte was incinerated, holding the family dog on his lap as he drove to try and rescue his grandmother. Lyons, Oregon is just a few miles away from Mill City where Girod lost his home.

Source: Daily Beast

But despite an overwhelming scientific majority that ties the extent and ferocity of the wildfires at least in part to climate change, State Sen. Fred Girod’s personal encounter with the result has left him only more set in his views…

“Climate change is not the problem,” he told The Daily Beast on Monday. “The environmentalists have loaded up the timber area with nothing but fuel. That cost me my house.”


“If you want to go blame it on climate change, go [ahead],” he said. “All the bellyaching is absolutely unconscionable.”

He said of environmentalists, “They make it so you can’t harvest any trees. It just loads up. A giant bomb of fire went off.”

Oregon GOP state senator Fred Girod was one of 11 Republicans who made headlines when they walked out of the senate – some even leaving the state – so that a quorum could not be achieved for a climate change bill. Now the wildfires have claimed his home.

— Nita Cosby (@5_2blue) September 15, 2020