Steve July 31, 2020

A Tennessee pastor is now battling COVID-19 a week after attending a round table event at the White House, WVLT reports.

Pastor Perry Cleek of Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church began feeling coronavirus-like symptoms almost a week after the event.

“It started with a really severe cough that lasted two or three days but it’s mostly gone,” Cleek said, adding that he never came into close proximity of Tweety McTreason.

“Before we were even allowed in we were tested,” Cleek said.

“And at that time I tested negative,” he added.

“It is a serious illness…and it is very contagious,” Cleek, who is currently under quarantine, said.

Cleek initially gained national attention when his church donated $1,000 to every Jonesborough Department of Public Safety employee who was battling COVID-19.

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