Steve April 14, 2021

Proton Calendar on mobile and web

The company behind ProtonMail has announced that all users of the e-mail service can now access a beta version of Proton Calendar on the web and Android with an iOS version due soon. Similarly to ProtonMail, Proton Calendar uses end-to-end encryption to keep your information secure while remaining easy to use.

Proton Calendar has been in the works for a while now. Back in 2019, the company released a beta version of Proton Calendar for paying customers but it has now been extended to all users of ProtonMail. To access the calendar, you can go directly to or you can go to and use the App Selector to go to Proton Calendar.

While the main appeal of Proton Calendar is the security, it also comes with most of the features you expect from a calendar product, you can:

  • Create, edit, and delete events across devices
  • Set reminders
  • Send and respond to event invitations (web only but expected on mobile)
  • Set up recurring events annually, monthly, weekly, daily, or at a custom interval
  • The option to switch to dark mode
  • Import existing calendars
  • ProtonMail integration so that you can respond to event invitations

In terms of the items that are covered by the end-to-end encryption, Proton Calendar will protect event details including titles, descriptions, locations, and the people you invite. All encryption is performed on your device so not even the firm behind Proton Calendar can see what has been added to your calendar.

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