Steve August 22, 2020

Tweety McTreason continues to play into fears about non-existent voter fraud. Scary Post Office propaganda has been in heavy rotation lately, but on Thursday, he returned to trying to frighten people away from voting in person, too. Because, why not both, right?

On Thursday, Trump phoned into his bedtime buddy Sean Hannity, who asked him how he is going to make sure people don’t wear Groucho Marx glasses and mustaches into polling places, pretending to be someone else while they vote.

If THIS lady tries to vote, we might be in trouble. Image from: Flickr/portland_mike


Here was Trump’s practically giddy response:

TRUMP: We’re gonna have everything. We’re gonna have sheriffs, we’re gonna have law enforcement, and we’re going to have hopefully U.S. Attorneys, and we’re going to have — everybody and hopefully attorney generals. But it’s very hard.

Jonathan Capehart, guest anchoring the AM Joy show, played that clip for Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, and he noted that Trump described a scene very much out of the 1960s. Rep. Clyburn said, “Even before!” But then he lay down why he felt confident those law enforcement people were not going to jump to do what Trump was fantasizing about.

REP. CLYBURN: And the fact of the matter is, he cannot do a thing to these sheriff departments. These sheriffs are not crazy. Many of them are on the ballots themselves. They are not going to participate in his charade. He cannot order the Richland County Sheriff that I know very well, or the Orangeburg County Sheriff to do anything. Those people know who elects them. They are responsible to the people of those counties and they’re not going to be listening to this president who seems to be beyond the pale.


And, thank you for the perspective, as always, Rep. Clyburn.