Steve April 15, 2021

The curse of Trump lives on. A new Monmouth poll shows that Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to be unvaccinated against Covid.

The survey found that 67% of Democrats have already received at least one vaccine dose, compared to only 36% of Republicans.

And nearly half of Republicans say they don’t ever plan on getting vaccinated.

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Below, Benjy Renton takes a look at county-by-county Covid-vaccine hesitancy across the country. The darker the blue, the more hesitant the citizenry. It’s easy to see that hesitancy is greatest in Republican strongholds in the south and the near northwest.

New data source from HHS using Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey data estimates vaccine hesitancy on a county level. While the counties are quite similar to their respective states, it gives us a more granular analysis to adjust strategies.

— Benjy Renton (@bhrenton) April 14, 2021

Charles Gaba then took this data and directly compared it to his own county data looking at hesitancy and voting patterns. The result? The most anti-vaccine counties are also the most pro-Trump:

And, unsurprisingly, the least hesitant counties voted for Biden:

The question arises: Why is there such a disparity between Democrats and Republicans? And should we even care?

Let’s start with the latter. While I consider myself a good person, it’s not lost on me that my political enemy seems intent on killing itself, or at least its political base. But since we’re the good guys, we don’t actually want to see our political opponents die. GOP leaders, however, don’t seem to share our concern. It’s weird. It’s simple electoral math. You want your voters to survive until the next election. But with Republican leaders, not so much.

Putting aside our magnanimity, there’s a practical reason that we should care about Republican vaccine hesitancy: It’s going to be extremely difficult to reach herd immunity without the GOP on board. The longer Covid continues, the greater the chance that the virus not only infects and harms the unvaccinated, but the unvaccinated Americans provide a perfect petri dish for new Covid variants to arise and spread, putting the rest of us at risk of a new strain less susceptible to existing vaccines.

Now to the question of what is going on in the mind of Republican voters….

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