Revealed: Anglo American Mine Expansion Could Put Chile’s Glaciers and Emissions Goals At Risk

Los Bronces copper mine Chile

Read time: 9 mins

The emissions from a new Anglo American underground mine project in Chile could be catastrophic for the host nation of the next UN climate talks, DeSmog can reveal. The multinational company has so far avoided scrutiny of the project by hollowing out regional environmental organisations and sharing erroneous information with the scientific community.

This project poses a risk to Santiago’s fresh water supply and wilderness areas,” Ezio Costa, the Executive Director of Chilean environmental justice NGO FIMA, told DeSmog about Los Bronces Underground (LBU) expansion project. If it goes ahead, “they would be failing to consider the impact on the global climate system, and risking Chile’s commitments for its protection.”

Anglo American submitted its environmental impact study in July 2019 for the US$3billion project, just 52km from where Chile is preparing to welcome the world to the next annual UN climate talks, known as COP25, in Santiago this December.

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