Roger Stone Trial Ends, Rick Gates Testifies That Trump Was In On Wikileaks Dump


On Tuesday, the prosecution rested in the Roger Stone trial after putting on one final witness: Rick Gates, former partner with Paul Manafort, consultant to the Trump campaign through the inaugural, and witness to the fact that Tweety McTreason was in on the Wikileaks dump before they made the emails public.
Rick Gates, who served as Trump’s deputy campaign chairman, testified Tuesday that Stone began discussing Clinton leaks with the campaign in April 2016 and that from May onward Gates understood Stone to be the campaign’s intermediary with WikiLeaks. By July 2016, Gates testified, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort said he was updating Trump and others regularly and directed Gates to keep following up with Stone. After Trump ended one phone call from Stone at the end of that month, Gates testified, the future president said to Gates that “more information would be coming.”
Oh, my, my, my. As Rachel Maddow points out in the segment above, Tweety McTreason said something completely different in his written responses to Robert Mueller. “I do not recall discussing WikiLeaks with him,” Trump wrote under penalty of perjury. “Nor do I recall being aware of Mr. Stone having discussed WikiLeaks with individuals associated with my campaign.”

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