Scarborough: GOP Not Ignorant, ‘They Turned Themselves Into Russian Assets’


Mika and Joe keep hitting the same point: The Republican party is doing the work of Putin.

“The Russians had been pushing this propaganda line for years. So, i just think it’s important after, again, if you haven’t been paying much attention over the past week because of the holidays, it’s important to understand you saw two — two really moving, important weeks of testimony and now the Republicans are coming back, they still have no defense, and they’re actually reduced now — they’re doing nothing but repeating Russia propaganda points,” Scarborough said.

“As somebody said yesterday, if they do that, knowing the 17 intel agencies told them it was a lie and being warned in the United States Senate, then actually they’re not ignorant, that they’ve actually turned themselves into being Russian assets. That’s where we are as a nation as this week begins.”

And, as Mika points out, this will be a “consequential week” in the impeachment hearing for Trump for that alone.

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