Seth Meyers Checks In On Trump’s Unqualified Judicial Appointments


Although there are some laughs, Seth Meyers is deadly serious about explaining the utter unsuitability of Trump’s ideological nominees for lifetime federal judicial appointments.
“To put it into perspective, in eight years, Barack Obama did not move forward with a single nominee that was rated as not qualified by the ABA,” Meyers said.
“So, naturally, Trump has done the exact opposite. For example, one of Trumps nominees, Justin Walker,was an associate professor who had never tried a case in court. In fact, according to reports, the ABA flagged Walker’s lack of experience, saying it was challenging to determine how much of his 10 years since graduation from law school had been spent in the practice of law.
“And that Democrats agreed with the ABA’s concerns over Walker, whose course load includes seminars like Lawyering Skills 1 and 2. Lawyering Skills 1 and 2? Is that where they teach you how to speech in a Southern accent?
“And say things like, ‘I’m a simple man.’ ‘No further questions.’
“Unsurprisingly, here’s how Walker’s hearing went.”
“Have you ever presented an argument before a federal jury?”
“Uh, Senator, I have not.”
“How many bench trials have you handled?”
“Again Senator, I want to be clear that –”
“Okay. Have you ever taken a deposition?”
“I have, Senator, but, once again –”
“In a federal case.”

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