Steve May 4, 2022

Keith Ellison also endorsed Turner.

Those were the only big names I noticed however.

Far less than the earlier election.

As for the accusation of PACs, Turner has access to a variety of her own PAC Funds so that statement is intended to give a false impression.

Nina herself is a multimillionare & has basically made her fortune campaigning, running Our Revolution, People’s Party & those PACs, and as a $300,000 pr year paid Lobbyist for Mercury Global Corporation.

Mercury was mentioned as being involved with Paul Manafort, in the Mueller Report.

I’m actually surprised Nina Turner hasn’t had to register her lobbying job under FARA.

It’s an unusual arrangment, so to speak.

Her alignment with Mercury is well sourced & availible online. Mercury also does business with Putin so am not sure how that factors into the recent sanctions.

Mercury does business globally.

Just a bit of info if one wants to do some late night sleuthing.

I’m off to sleep..


from Democratic Underground

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