Steve February 23, 2021

Speaking on a podcast this week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) complained about how the press treated him and his family after flying to Cancun, Mexico, as Texas froze and unleashed a crude rant against whichever one of his neighbors leaked private chat transcripts about his trip to the New York Times.

During an appearance on the “Ruthless” podcast hosted by former Mitch McConnell campaign manager Josh Holmes, Cruz complained about neighbors who were included in group chats started by wife Heidi Cruz in which she informed them of the family’s plans to escape to Cancun.

“I will say, Heidi was pretty pissed at that,” Cruz said. “She was over at the neighbor’s house yesterday, sort of walking through that… We have a number of Republicans who are neighbors but we also have a lot of Democrats, folks on our streets who put up Beto signs, which I thought was a little rude.”

Cruz’s most passionate complaint was about how the press treated him and his family in an affair in which he first blamed his young daughters for wanting to go to Cancún, then flew home solo and admitted his mistake.

“Here’s a suggestion,” he said. “Just don’t be assholes. Just, you know, treat each other as human beings, have to some degree some modicum of respect.”

Cruz also defended Texan energy independence, insisting it was a good thing “the feds don’t get to regulate us so well” and saying it kept energy prices down.

He did not go as far as other Texas Republicans to blame the Green New Deal, but while noting that Texas “produces a lot more wind than California does”, Cruz insisted “the wind turbines froze, that was a big problem, the snow and ice on the solar panels dramatically reduced the ability of solar panels to generate electricity”.

Listen to the podcast below — Cruz begins talking about the neighbors at around 47:30.

Ted Cruz tells @HolmesJosh that his wife Heidi is “pretty pissed” at the leaked texts about Cancun trip.

“Here’s a suggestion just don’t be assholes. Yeah, like just you know treat each other as human beings have some degree, some modicum of respect.”

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) February 23, 2021

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