The 2023 DoD and Military Space Event of the Year to Feature Two Panel Discussions

The 2023 DoD and Military Space Event of the Year to Feature Two Panel Discussions

National Harbor, MD, November 17, 2023 –(– The 10th Annual Space Resiliency Summit will convene in a few short weeks. Senior leaders across military, government, academia and industry are gathering December 6-7, 2023, in National Harbor, MD for two days of discussions around US efforts to ensure the resiliency of critical assets against both traditional and non-kinetic attacks.

This year’s event will convene a series of panels to bring together experts on the most important issues currently facing the space enterprise. Panelists will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and solutions for bolstering the cybersecurity of space architecture, as well as how to best increase Space Situational Awareness.

Day One Panel: “Leveraging Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Space Situational Awareness Capabilities”

Robert Zitz – Independent Consultant, Robert Zitz & Associates; Former Deputy Director, Mission Support, NRO

Jason Kim – Chief Executive Officer, Millennium Space Systems
Greg Marlow – Director, Office of Satellite and Product Operations, NOAA

Day Two Panel: “Achieving Space Domain Dominance through Advanced Cybersecurity Capabilities”

Chris DeMay – Founder & COO, TrustPoint

Austin C. Baker – Deputy Director, Space Portfolio, DIU
Matthew Erickson – Vice President of Solutions, SpiderOak
Lauryn Williams – Senior Advisor for Strategy & Research, Office of the National Cyber Director

Those interested in participating in the Space Resiliency Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website at Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions contact Emma Watters at

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