Steve October 18, 2020

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Claim Codes: Red = Fact Check on a Right Claim, Blue = Fact Check on a Left Claim, Black = Not Political/Conspiracy/Pseudoscience/Other

Claim by Project Veritas: Project Veritas discovered a voter fraud scheme connected to Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis

USA Today rating: False

Fact check: No proof of alleged voter fraud scheme or connection to Rep. Ilhan Omar

Project Veritas Rating

Claim by Tweety McTreason (R): “So in the old days they said, ‘Well, if you have [COVID-19], you’re immune for life,’ right? Once I got it, they give you four months. … It’s anybody else but me, you’re immune for life.” rating: False

FactChecking Trump’s Immunity Claims

Claim by Viral post: the Nigerian government is donating $600 million to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign

Check Your Fact rating: False

FACT CHECK: Is The Nigerian Government Donating $600 Million To Joe Biden’s Campaign?

Claim by Tucker Carlson: According to a recent CDC report, “almost everyone — 85% — who got the coronavirus in July was wearing a mask, and they were infected anyway. So clearly (wearing a mask) doesn’t work the way they tell us it works.”

PolitiFact rating: False

Tucker Carlson distorts new CDC report, makes false mask claim

Claim via Social Media: Says Amy Coney Barrett said that breastfeeding babies is child molestation.

Politifact rating: Pants on fire

No, Amy Coney Barrett didn’t say this about breastfeeding

(International: Canada) Claim: Canada is building confinement camps

AFP Fact Check rating: False

Misleading description of Canada’s quarantine sites feeds Covid-19 conspiracy

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