The Latest Fact Checks from the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) 01/24/2020


The code of principles of the International Fact-Checking Network IFCN at Poynter is a series of commitments organizations abide by to promote excellence in fact-checking. The following fact checks come from IFCN fact checkers. (D. Van Zandt)

Claim: Did Michelle Obama slam First Lady Melania Trump, saying, “She’s a terrible role model for America’s women?”

Lead Stories rating: False

Fake News: Michelle Did NOT Slam Melania: Did NOT Say, “She’s A Terrible Role Model For America’s Women”

Claim: Trump on his July phone call with Zelenskiy: “The president of Ukraine said it was perfect.” — Davos news conference.

AP Fact Check rating: False

Trump’s false account of Ukraine episode

Claim by Jay Sekulow: “During the proceedings that took place before the Judiciary Committee, the president was denied the right to cross-examine witnesses, the president was denied the right to access evidence, and the president was denied the right to have counsel present at hearings.” rating: False

False and Misleading Claims at Impeachment Trial

Claim by Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders said Joe Biden “fought for decades to cut Social Security.”

PolitiFact rating: Not full story

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders fight over Social Security

Claim by Facebook Post: alleges that Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar “threatened” to send shawarma to Republican members of Congress to “give them a taste of her culture.”

Check Your Fact rating: False


International Fact Checks

Claim by Multiple sources: Photo of Sri Lankan teen recognized as world’s youngest pilot

AFP Fact Check
 rating: False

Claim by Multiple sources: waste import in Thailand

AFP Fact Check
 rating: Misleading

Claim by SOCIAL MEDIA POST: A Man disguised as woman, caught at the Shaheen Bagh protests.

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