Steve August 31, 2020

The third PinePhone community edition has been revealed — and if you’re a Manjaro fan you’re in for a treat.

Pine64 has confirmed that the next PinePhone ‘Community Edition’ will come pre-loaded with the popular Arch-based Manjaro Linux distro.

Much like the UBports powered model that went on sale in April, and the postmarketOS one in June, the PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition ships with an OS preinstalled on the internal storage. This saves buyers the hassle of having to flash an OS themselves (which, given the open nature of the handset, isn’t exactly hard anyway).

Priced from $149, the PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition also features a branded back cover bearing the Manjaro logo and the slogan “enjoy the simplicity”. This is exclusive to the community edition model (at least for now).

Pine64 will donate $10 from every unit sold to the Manjaro development team.

But when can you buy it?

The Manjaro PinePhone Community Edition is available available to pre-order from mid-September. Its available in 2GB RAM/16GB eMMC and 3GB/32GB eMMC configurations. The latter of these costs a bit more but comes with a handy USB Type-C dock accessory for good measure.

Pinephone specs
Specs sheet

Like the postmarketOS edition this PinePhone can be connected to a UBS Type-C dock, external monitor, keyboard and mouse, etc — something the Braveheart and Ubports variants can’t do OOTB.

Is Manjaro the best OS for the PinePhone right now? The Manjaro PinePhone build is maturing at a steady pace. Most major hardware features are said to be working under the system, including calls, auto-rotate, GPS, from sleep, volume rockers, etc.

Part of what makes Manjaro more appealing as a base system is that, like the postmarketOS model, it’s possible to install and try different mobile UIs, like the GNOME-sired Phosh and KDE-minded Plasma Mobile. This the option of running desktop Linux apps (including ones keenly adapted for mobile form factors).

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