Steve May 2, 2022

It feels like it has been FOREVER since The Wilds Season 1, so we wanted to celebrate the show’s return for Season 2 the best way we know how: thirst tweets, of course.

Matt Klitscher / Amazon Studios

That’s right, we sat down with Erana James and Mia Healey, who play our absolute favorite couple, Shelby and Toni, to read some of the thirstiest tweets about their characters.

From general love for Shelby and Toni’s relationship and how important this LGBTQ couple is for fans of The Wilds

…to pointing out some of the sexiest moments of #Shoni from Season 1…

…to Mia and Erana laughing hysterically over everyone’s mutual love of bald Shelby, let’s just say they had a ton of fun.

And be sure to watch The Wilds Season 2, which starts streaming May 6 on Prime Video.

Kane Skennar / Prime Video

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