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While we love to focus on all things smartphones, tablets, computers, and all the tech that makes your life go, sometimes we want to have a little fun as well. Expressing your love for Android can be done in many ways, but few are more popular than the meme. Android has long had a massive and vibrant community that loves to have fun online. Here are some of the most fun Android memes.

Christopher Columbus

Best Android Memes Christopher Columbus

From day one, Android fans have poked fun at Apple Maps and its “directions.” Has it gotten better over time? Sure. Still, if Christopher Columbus were using Apple Maps back in 1492, who knows what else he could have been discovered!

Jony Ive

Best Android Memes Jonny Ive

The iPhone versus Android. Like Blu-ray vs HD-DVD, this is a tech argument that will go on forever. With every iOS release, Android fans almost always get the last laugh. What about that “new” and exciting iOS feature that was just released to the world? Sorry Apple, Android had it three years ago.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Best Android Memes Oscar Winner Leo

Nobody says it better than Leonardo DiCaprio. Oscar winner and meme extraordinaire. This question is sure to get Reddit and blog comment sections all excited. If you really want to start an argument and watch the world burn, this is the question to ask on any tech site. Go ahead, try it. Make my day.


Best Android Memes Coolio Emojis

Come on Android fans, you cannot deny this one is hilarious. Poor Coolio and his hair. Android and Google emojis have long lagged behind Apple, and this is just icing on the cake. Google is definitely catching up, but this is one meme that will stand the test of time. Someone get that man a haircut!

How to Choose

Best Android Memes Decisions

Decisions, decisions! Sure, you could substitute a few other manufacturers in there, but in today’s Android world, Samsung and Google’s Pixel phones are some of the best. Trying to decide between the two can cause a whole lot of anxiety. Someone help this poor guy make up his mind before he passes out.

Pie Charts

Best Android Memes Pie Chart

Of all the pie charts the world has ever seen, this one may be the most accurate. Since the day it was released, the iPhone has been purchased by millions and millions of users simply because it’s “cool.” The pie chart tells the real Android story. Please don’t pirate your apps, though, that’s not cool.

80s Flashback

Best Android Memes 80s Flashback

Marty McFly and The Wonder Years all in one meme? It’s an 80’s classic! Like the meme that came before it on this list, Android users get to enjoy watching iOS users think all their new features are “new.” Well, Apple fans can believe what they want, but die-hard Android users, they know the real story.

Galaxy Stores

Best Android Memes Galaxy Store

Samsung stores are full of incredible and exciting technology. It’s like Toys R Us for adults but with way better technology. Still, you cannot help but laugh at this pun. Guardians of the Galaxy as a nickname for Samsung store security guards? This is absolutely one of those times my mom would like me to say, “if the shoe fits … ” Well, Mom, the shoe absolutely fits.

For years Android memes have long been a source of humor. That is especially true when you look for Android vs. iPhone memes. They are everywhere, and most of them are really great. Just be careful you don’t go too far down the Android meme rabbit hole. It’s not easy finding your way back. Trust me.

After having a good laugh, if you are a Mac user planning to ride on the Android bandwagon, you can check it out first with these Android emulators for Mac.


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David Beren

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