Steve August 3, 2020

Google’s Chrome added more to its total of utter domination last month as a small recovery by Mozilla’s Firefox screeched to a halt in July.

According to data published Saturday by metrics vendor Net Applications, Chrome’s share during July rose eight-tenths of a percentage point, the most since March, to 71%. The browser has been on a seven-month run of gains, adding 4.4 percentage points to its account since January. The only other browsers to enjoy a positive 2020 thus far: Microsoft’s – Edge and Internet Explorer (IE) – and that pair increased their combined share by less than a 10th of Chrome’s.

Chrome continues to assimilate other browsers’ share, month after month, with an almost casual cannibalism. Its increases over the past six months, in fact, have been nearly double that over the last 12, hinting at another acceleration of absorption.

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