Steve August 29, 2020

President Tweety McTreason was caught on a hot mic telling Hurricane Laura emergency responders to sell his autograph on eBay tonight for $10,000.

After taking questions from reporters, the president, who had traveled to Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Saturday to inspect damage from Hurricane Laura, began signing autographs for some of those in attendance, quipping that they could sell them on eBay that night for $10,000.

After being asked to sign one autograph, Trump sat down and called over to a group of people nearby, saying: “Come here fellas, get over here. I want a little power.”

Handing an autographed piece of paper to one local official, he said: “Sell this on eBay tonight, you’ll get $10,000.”

He tells another recipient that he is deliberately not putting his name on as it will be worth more without it.

At present 16 people are confirmed dead; more than half died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to the unsafe operation of mobile generators in the aftermath of the storm.

At least 8,000 homes were destroyed by the Category 4 hurricane, 14,000 people sought shelter, and more than 500,000 consumers are still without power. At the peak of the outage, that number was over 900,000 across three states.

People have died.

People have lost everything.

In the middle of a pandemic.

With the economy in tatters.

He’s handing out autographs like he’s at fucking Comic-Con.

What a piece of Shit.

— Jo (@JoJoFromJerz) August 29, 2020

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