Steve August 27, 2020


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Tweety McTreason exploded with anger at a former national security adviser after learning he had missed a phone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a one-time aide for former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa.

The Independent reports May’s former chief of staff, Nick Timothy, described how Trump “exploded with anger” about the missed call while appearing on the “What Were They Thinking” podcast.

“Somebody just mentioned in passing that Vladimir Putin had asked for a call with him, and right in front us he absolutely shouted down Mike Flynn,” Timothy explained.

“Like really shouted,” Timothy added. “This was at a formal dinner with butlers and fancy crockery – and he was properly shouting at him down the table.”

According to Timothy, Trump told Flynn that “if Putin wants a call with me you just put him through.”

The former aide to the prime minister said that the conversation was “not especially reassuring about the state of [Trump’s] mind, or the stability of decision-making in the White House.”

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