Trump On Cuomo Begging Him For Ventilators: He Is ‘Supposed To Be Buying His Own Ventilators’


President Tweety McTreason falsely accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) during a Fox News virtual town hall of refusing to purchase 16,000 ventilators in 2015, when no such purchase was considered or offered, Mediaite reports.

According to the news outlet, Trump was quoting Gateway Pundit conspiracy blogger Jim Hoft when he made the false accusation.

The president’s attack came just hours after Cuomo issued a dire plea for more help from the federal government, one of several state leaders who say they still lack the equipment necessary to fight the pandemic.

“He’s supposed to be buying his own ventilators,” Trump said.

“We’re going to help, but if you think about Governor Cuomo, we’re building him four hospitals, we’re building him four medical centers. We’re working very, very hard for the people of New York.”

“I’m not blaming him or anything else, but he shouldn’t be talking about us,” Trump said.

“He’s supposed to be buying his own ventilators” — Trump is now attacking Andrew Cuomo for saying the federal government should do more to provide New York with needed medical gear

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 24, 2020

Cuomo warned on Monday that his state does not currently have enough ventilators for the peak of cases it expects to see in two to three weeks. He said the state needs at least 30,000 of the breathing machines but has only procured 7,000, including 400 from the federal government.

“There is no other way for us to get these ventilators,” Cuomo said at a press conference Tuesday.

“We’ve tried everything else. The only way we can obtain these ventilators is from the federal government. Period.”

Vice President Pence said Tuesday on Fox News that the federal government would be sending an additional 4,000 ventilators to New York over the next two days.

Trump also attacked Cuomo for allowing people to travel from Asia to New York City during the holidays.

“Do you blame the governor for that?” — with a smug smirk on his face, Trump tries to pin blame for New York’s coronavirus outbreak on Gov. Cuomo because he allowed people to travel from Asia back to New York City during the holidays

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 24, 2020

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