Trump: The Lesson I Learned From My Impeachment Is That ‘Democrats Are Crooked’ And ‘Vicious’


Tweety McTreason told reporters Wednesday that the main lesson he learned from his impeachment is that Democrats are “crooked” and “vicious.”

Trump was asked by reporters in the Oval Office what he had learned from his impeachment by the Democrat-controlled House.

“That the Democrats are crooked,” Trump replied.

“They’ve got a lot of crooked things going, that they’re vicious, that they shouldn’t have brought impeachment and that my poll numbers are 10 points higher because of fake news like NBC,” he added.

REPORTER: Some Republicans have said they hoped you’d learn a lesson from impeachment. What did you learn?

TRUMP: “That the Democrats are crooked. They’ve got a lot of crooked things going on. That they’re vicious. That they shouldn’t have brought impeachment.”

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 12, 2020

Trump made the remarks during an Oval Office meeting with Ecuador’s president Wednesday afternoon.

Some Republican senators who voted to acquit the president of charges he abused his power and obstructed Congress said they hoped the president would learn a lesson as a result of his impeachment.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) asserted last week that Trump had learned a lesson from impeachment, a remark she later said was “aspirational.”

Trump has repeatedly insisted that his phone call with Ukraine’s president that the impeachment case centered on was “perfect.”

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