Steve August 3, 2020

Despite claims by the Trump campaign to the contrary, former campaign manager Brad Parscale was demoted to senior adviser of something, and has been replaced by former Chris Christie aide of Bridge-Gate scandal infamy, Bill Stepien.

Stepien made his first public appearance since accepting the new position on… where else…. Fox “news” this Monday, and following some gaslighting about how Joe Biden is an “empty vessel” that’s been taken over by the “radical left” in the party, and denying that Trump is actually down in the polls, just as we’ve seen from the rest of the poll-truthers that have been filling the right-wing airways in recent weeks, Stepien was asked how he plans to move forward with the campaign.

KILMEADE: Bill, as you know, if you are winning by a lot you have a certain strategy. If you are losing by a lot you have a certain strategy. If you feel as though you’re neck and neck certain states and not in other states have a certain strategy.

So, if you could dismiss every poll, when you got this job, do you believe the current president, dealing with a pandemic and civil unrest was trailing Joe Biden who so far we have not seen an effective plan to hurt his candidacy? Did you take over a campaign that was trailing?

STEPIEN: Look, when I took the job two weeks ago, I refocused the campaign on doing three things every single day. The first is we are focusing only on things that win votes. If it doesn’t win a vote, we’re not doing it.

The seconds thing is we are focused on winning each of the next 91, really 92 days of the campaign. It’s a series of one-day campaigns that we need to win more than Joe Biden and we will.

And lastly, you know, no one works harder than the president. This campaign is going to try and match his work ethic.

We’re going to have a blue collar chip on our shoulder. We’re going to run like we are the underdog. We’re going to run like we’re two points behind even if we’re two points ahead. That’s the mentality we’re going to have. That’s the mindset we have over the next three months of this campaign.

And for that, Stepien was rightfully mocked on Twitter.

The campaign is going to have the same work ethic as the ‘president’?

So, they’re going to be golfing, fundraising, and rage-tweeting on Twitter?

— D Villella ❄️ (@dvillella) August 3, 2020

Another fast talking soft shoe shuffler. Trump played golf round #284 yesterday while over 1000 Americans died in agony. Hard working? Maybe on running up body counts. Since 7/21, the US is averaging 1000 Covid deaths/day. That’s equivalent 65 Boeing 757 crashes since 7/21.

— Tim Ryan (@TimRyan17262403) August 3, 2020