Steve September 28, 2020

Contrary to the New York Times’ Trump tax story, Trump’s not a “failed businessman.” That implies he was trying to succeed, but Trump figured out a long time ago he could make more money by failing, and moving money around for other people. He’s a crook.

This is not news. He was fined $10 million for “significant and long-standing” anti-money laundering violations at the Trump Taj Mahal casino.

Then there’s the dirty Russian money in Trump Tower.

His business partners are crooks, too.

Suspicious activity was noted by Deutsche Bank in Trump and Kushner accounts. Deutsche Bank, which had its own money laundering problems!

And these are just the scandals we know about, because Bob Mueller NEVER LOOKED AT HIS FINANCES.

Powerful, corrupt rulers the world over are always trying to look legitimate, so they invariably turn to middlemen like fraudster Felix Sater

— The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September 27, 2020

In @davidenrich ‘s jaw dropping book Dark Towers, he explains how the disarray of Deutsche Bank allowed Trump to take out multiple loans from different parts of the same bank, which was already laundering lots and lots of money from Russia

— Vanessa I. Paulsen (@supervipgala) September 27, 2020

And so on, ad infinitum. We need a special prosecutor to untangle this mess.