Steve May 23, 2020

A reporter working for NBC affiliate KARE 11 was allegedly harassed for wearing a mask outside an Albany, Minn., tavern’s reopening that turned into a protest after a judge imposed a restraining order keeping the bar shut.

In video footage captured from the event, an angry mob outside Shady’s Tavern is seen harassing KARE 11 correspondent Lou Raguse because he insisted on wearing a mask in public.

More than 200 residents showed up to the tavern in anticipation of its reopening, according to the report.

Two women appear to be chanting, “Take it off!” at Raguse, referring to a mask he was wearing.

Came across this clip in @FOX9 video from Monday’s protest/rally outside Shady’s Tavern in Albany, MN. This is @LouRaguse, a fellow Reporter & friend trying to cover the story. And getting *harassed* for wearing a mask. A judge will decide soon whether the bar can legally re-open

— Paul Blume (@PaulBlume_FOX9) May 22, 2020

Sounds of coughing could be heard as protesters chased after him while he walked away from the mob-like scene.

Raguse noted that some bystanders approached him and supported his right to wear a mask following the harassment incident.

“I’m not a big ‘make myself the story’ kind of guy,’” Raguse said Saturday, referring to his media coverage.

“I will just respond by saying most of us want to go out there and cover an issue fairly and make sure people of different viewpoints are represented,” he said on Twitter. “And most of us would be willing to talk civilly if you have issues with coverage,” he said about the incident that happened Monday.

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