Steve August 22, 2020

Dueling demonstrations in Portland Saturday afternoon by right-wing extremists and left-wing protesters turned violent, with demonstrators hurling rocks and other items at each other and getting into fights.

Right-wing groups had announced a rally near the Multnomah County Justice Center building Saturday afternoon that quickly drew counter-demonstrators.

The building houses a police precinct, police headquarters, a county jail and courtrooms, and is next door to a federal courthouse.

Robert Evans, an investigative reporter for Bellingcat, was attacked by a right-wing extremist while covering the protests.

The attacker, seen wearing a Trump shirt and carrying a blue “God Bless America” shield, can be seen raising his baton before striking Evans’ hand.

“While I am filming a right wing activist charges out and assaults me, breaking my finger with an asp baton,” Evans wrote.

The rest of my video is upside down but here is me coming face to face with the fellow who assaulted me.

— Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) (@IwriteOK) August 22, 2020

Evans continued to film the mayhem, documenting the extreme violence perpetrated by the right-wing extremist on unarmed counter-protesters.

The right wing charges. They spend a lot of time beating people who are lying on the ground.

— Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) (@IwriteOK) August 22, 2020

A violent right wing crowd beats and maces an unarmed man, hitting him with sticks and hanging up at leasy 4 to 1.

— Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) (@IwriteOK) August 22, 2020

I have to be honest, this is infuriating. The police let the Proud Boys attack and beat protesters, who did nothing wrong, and now that the far-right has left, they are brutalizing the BLM protesters also. #PortlandProtest

— Shane Burley (@shane_burley1) August 22, 2020

The disproportionality of fascist violence is on clear display in downtown Portland today. “Both-siders”: take note!

— PopMob (Popular Mobilization) (@PopMobPDX) August 22, 2020

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