‘We’ve Noticed Some Unusual Activity’ Email Phishing Scam


This email claims that your account is set to be limited because the service provider has noticed some unusual activity.

Supposedly, access to your account will be limited within 24 hours unless you click a log-in button to have the pending limitation removed.

The message claims that you were previously asked to take action but failed to respond.

However, the email is not from your service provider and the account limitation claim is just a ruse to panic you into clicking without due caution.

If you do click the button, you will be taken to a fraudulent website and asked to log in to your email account with your email address and password. After “logging in” on the fake site, you may see a message claiming that you have successfully lifted the account limitation.

But, alas, the scammers can now collect the login details you entered and use them to take control of your email account and any other services that are linked to it.

Once they have gained access, the criminals can use your account to distribute spam and scam emails, steal files from your online storage, and make purchases from the associated app store.  They may even manage to collect enough of your personal information to allow them to steal your identity.

No genuine email service provider is likely to send you a generic message claiming that your account will be deactivated or limited if you don’t click a link.

It is always safer to log in to your online accounts by entering the address into your browser’s address bar or via a trusted app. If there is a problem with your account that you need to deal with, you will most likely be informed after you login.

Email phishing scams like this one are very common and take many forms.  The best course of action if you receive one is to just hit “delete”.

A screenshot of the phishing email:

Unusual Activity Email Account Phishing Scam


Subject: Your account access will be limited in 24h.

We’ve noticed some unusual activity!

We recently asked you to take action on your account and we don’t seem to have received the required response.

To have the limitation removed, please complete the action.



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