Steve January 11, 2021

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March 27th- April 10th

Open Data and COVID-19: Eric Jaffe outlines how Taiwan’s digital infrastructure and data governance has allowed the community to develop important tools during the COVID-19 outbreak, offering a model for open innovation moving forward.  (Sidewalk Talk)

Having prepared to launch a new app before the public health crisis hit, D.C. entrepreneurs repurposed it to crowd-source the availability of supplies at local stores. (DCist)

Civic Engagement: In this opinion piece, Dena Ferrara Driscool, argues that traditional town hall meetings are flawed and that simply shifting them online is not enough to provide fair, public input. (The Inquirer

Digital Divide: As life moves online, communities with low rates of broadband subscription struggle to adapt. Brownsville, Texas may prove a useful case study for those looking to creatively close the digital divide in the long-term. (Brookings)

Taking a Break from COVID-19: Sanam Yar offers up some non-coronavirus conversation starters, but be warned that much like politics at Thanksgiving, some talk of the public health crisis is inevitable. (New York Times). 

Privacy and Tech: As people and businesses increasingly turn to online technologies to conduct their work, Brian X. Chen explains that it’s a good time to consider the privacy we may be giving up in doing so. (New York Times)

Please note that some of these articles reference COVID-19, but that as a rapidly evolving situation, they may not present the most up-to-date statistics.

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