Steve October 18, 2020

We’re close to release day so let us know what your plan is

Thursday will see the release of Ubuntu 20.10 ‘Groovy Gorilla’ after six months of dedicated development — but the question is: will you upgrade to it?

If you read this site regularly you will know all there is to know about the upcoming Ubuntu 20.10 release. Goodies on offer include GNOME 3.38, Linux 5.8 kernel, a bespoke new-look for LibreOffice, and (of course) a gaudy new desktop graphic.

But does Groovy vibe with you? Is this gorilla more done-wrong than king-kong? Do you ape-riciate its changes, or is there little to go bananas for?

Whatever the answer to my terrible wordplay is do go ahead and file your intentions in the poll below.

Although the poll (and this post) is phrased around an “upgrade” this doesn’t have to mean a direct upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04; fresh installs count as an upgrade too.

Likewise, if you have already installed the Ubuntu 20.10 using the beta you will “upgrade” to the final stable release next week — so vote accordingly.

As always we’re using Crowdsignal for our poll. This is made by Automattic, makers of WordPress. The poll will place a (static, not tracking) cookie on your system to stop you from voting multiple times — but only if you vote. Depending on your browser settings the poll may or may not show. The cookie expires after a week or so.

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