Steve January 14, 2021

Joe Scarborough asked Willie Geist for his take on Trump’s latest hostage video, released last night.

“My reaction is, too little too late, of course,” Geist said.

“He said the right words. Obviously, he is feeling the pressure. Obviously, a lawyer who is not named Rudy Giuliani — because it appears he’s now excommunicated Rudy Giuliani and ordered payments to him to be stopped. Some lawyer got to him and said, ‘You better get out on the record explicitly and clearly and condemn the violence.’

“His audience was for future juries, courts, but also Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell has a decision to make now that the House has voted to impeach. Is he going to lead his caucus Republicans in voting to convict when they reconvene next week after a trial?

“He is talking to Mitch McConnell, somebody who he reportedly hasn’t talked to in several weeks, and basically, that was a plea, saying, ‘Look, Mitch, I condemn the violence. Here I am, doing the thing people are saying I haven’t done and should have done sooner, so please have mercy on me.’ So he is beginning to save himself, beginning with that speech.”