Steve October 1, 2020
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‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’ explores how different countries and cities are addressing environmental issues in a novel or creative way. (Photo courtesy Netflix)

I recently completed some continuing education classes that I initially thought were going to be boring but as I was taking the online classes, I found that they were more interesting than I initially thought they would be. Topics covered were “Smart Growth,” “Fair Housing,” as well as reminders of the basic aspects of agency and ethics.

Some of the examples given were fascinating – such as housing developments that were sued for exclusionary tactics in renting, not wanting people with children to move into them, or people of certain ethnic backgrounds being told that no housing was available when in fact there was.

I usually come upon these classes with a sense of, “I have so much else to do, this really seems like a burden on my time that I have to sit down and go through this.” But given the political climate and social situations we find ourselves in today, it’s good to have a gentle reminder to make sure that ALL people are included in our business and practices. Also with climate change being the new normal, how do we grow our society in a sustainable way? Do we need miles and miles of subdivisions and yards and streets with low density or is it better to build metro systems and high density buildings and walkable neighborhoods where carbon emissions are lower and walk scores are higher? What is the smartest way for us to provide housing for our society as we go forward, knowing what we know now?

A few years ago one of the elective classes I took was on “green construction.” I recently watched a Netflix special where they were discussing buildings that have beekeeping stations on the roofs of large residential buildings and green walls to help offset the pollution in the dense city environment. The documentary was called “Down to Earth with Zac Efron.” I highly recommend it, not only because watching Zac Efron for a chunk of time is not that painful, but they go to certain areas of the world where they are tackling different environmental issues in a novel or creative way.

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