Maybe the years of accelerators being hard to find and harder to pay for are behind us? After more than two years of soaring GPU prices – fueled by demand from cryptominers and then made worse by the semiconductor shortage – things are finally heading in the other direction onContinue Reading


Episode 145: Teach Skills, Not Facts From Choralosophy: “This week, I am excited to have Melanie Trecek-King as our guest. Melanie is a science educator who specializes in teaching science to non-science majors. In addition to her expertise in the field of science, Melanie is passionate about helping individuals improveContinue Reading


Initially welcomed, Syrians are increasingly concerned by anti-refugee sentiment and the threat of forced repatriations., Gaziantep, Turkey — Hatim al-Abdullah, a dual Syrian-Turkish citizen, voted for the first time in Turkey’s elections in May, which returned longtime leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a five-year presidential term and into a thirdContinue Reading


Residents say they are worried political tensions could impact community relations and imperil security in Kosovo., Jovana Radosavljevic says she can “feel” interethnic relations between Albanians and Serbs deteriorating, following the latest crisis in Kosovo. “You can see the change in behaviour of people. This is something that concerns me,”Continue Reading


Today on the site, I’m delighted to welcome authors Keah Brown and Sarah Moon to talk about their books, The Secret Summer Promise and Middletown, both of which released on Tuesday from Levine Querido! (The former was a brand new release, while the latter was a paperback rerelease with aContinue Reading