Climate justice leaders from organizations representing impacted frontline communities will be sending a delegation to the 2023 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 28th session of the Conference of Parties, commonly referred to as the UNFCCC COP28.The frontline delegation is calling upon world leaders to pass and adhere toContinue Reading


Presidential reelection campaigns are rarely dynamic or exciting. The theme is carrying on rather than change: The emphasis is on continuing work that has already begun, rather than on a broad, ambitious new agenda.  There is, more generally, a sense of stasis, if not frustration: In most cases, after fourContinue Reading


Observers say Somalia’s accession to the bloc comes with multiple opportunities but also multiple challenges., After more than a decade of intense lobbying, Somalia has been admitted into the East African Community (EAC). After ratification by the Somali Federal Parliament, the membership will become official. The application process, started byContinue Reading