Desperate Biden Fumbles Major Opportunity to Drum Up Support

A crushing Zoom call between President Joe Biden and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Friday began with an hour-long delay, and ended in seemingly the first instance of a lawmaker telling the president directly that he should exit the 2src24 race.Originally, just two members of the caucus were going to be allowed to ask Biden questions:Continue Reading

President Joe Biden delivered a steady performance at a high-stakes press conference Thursday but still fell short of assuring jittery Democrats concerned about his future, prolonging painful questions across the party. But after the press conference wrapped up, several more Democratic lawmakers called for Biden to step aside — aContinue Reading


Steve Contorno @ CNN: The Traitor claims not to know who is behind Project 2025. A CNN review found at least 140 people who worked for him are involved At least 140 people who worked in the The Traitor administration had a hand in Project 2025, a CNN review found,Continue Reading