Image caption, Lucy has made huge progress but still suffers most days with chronic pain, vertigo, fatigue and brain fogBy Lucy AdamsBBC Scotland social affairs correspondentI have had long Covid for three years. Even though I have made huge progress I still suffer most days with chronic pain in myContinue Reading


Image source, Getty ImagesBy Michelle RobertsDigital health editorSniffing other people’s body odour might be useful in therapy for social anxiety, say Swedish researchers who have started tests with volunteers. The scientists have been using armpit sweat in their experiments. Their hunch is the smell activates brain pathways linked to emotions,Continue Reading


Image source, Holly CookeImage caption, Almost 31,000 women living in London are involved in a club tackling lonelinessAlmost 20,000 women living in London have joined a club tackling loneliness since pandemic restrictions ended.Holly Cooke founded The London Lonely Girls Club on Facebook in 2018 after moving to the city fromContinue Reading