Three New Species of Mulgaras May Already Be Extinct

Scientists have identified three new species of mulgaras — small carnivorous marsupials related to the Tasmanian devil and quoll — and the researchers fear these new species may no longer exist in the wild. The post Three New Species of Mulgaras May Already Be Extinct appeared first on Sci.News: BreakingContinue Reading


Ah, reminders. I’m not sure how I’d possibly function without ’em. (What were we talking about, again?) I rely on reminders for almost everything imaginable — making sure I respond to an important message, tackle a pressing task, and perform all sorts of embarrassingly mundane day-to-day chores that are bothContinue Reading

Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang, who runs the semiconductor industry’s most valuable company, said the US is as much as 20 years away from breaking its dependence on overseas chipmaking. From a report: Huang, speaking at the New York Times’s DealBook conference in New York, explained how his company’sContinue Reading