Trillion Game Character Trailer Highlights Kazuki Kedoin

Following the previous look at the series earlier this month, the upcoming Trillion Game anime is back with another character trailer. The Madhouse production is set to premiere in October 2src24, and the latest preview centers on Kazuki Kedoin, as voiced by Hiroki Tochi (Baldroy in Black Butler…Continue Reading


Payment processing services provider Nayax has introduced its cloud-based EV CloudPay payment service for EV charging stations.  By means of an on-site physical kiosk that can facilitate payments for multiple chargers, drivers can pay using any of more than 80 cashless and digital methods. As the kiosk is cloud-based, aContinue Reading


The Commercial Vehicles Solutions division of global automotive and technology company ZF has developed a new hybrid transmission, the TraXon 2 Hybrid, designed for use in commercial vehicles. “In developing the TraXon 2 Hybrid, we demonstrate how synergies across our divisions enable us to address customer needs swiftly and flexiblyContinue Reading