Groups for and against transmission “right of first refusal” laws paid for studies to make their cases, which show up repeatedly in state debates. Here’s what’s in between the lines—and what the outcome may mean for consumers. By Dan Gearino In a wide, stone-walled hearing room at the Indiana Statehouse,Continue Reading


illustration for 05/29/23 op-ed from Tess Taylor on dealing with climate grief through gardening. (illustration by Lisa Kogawa / For The Times) (Lisa Kogawa / For The Times) How to dig your way out of climate grief Op-Ed,Water & Drought,Plants Tess Taylor May 29, 2023 This winter there were momentsContinue Reading


The many types of cells in the human body are produced through the process of differentiation, in which stem cells are converted to more specialized types. Currently, it is challenging for researchers to control the differentiation of stem cells in the lab (in vitro). Of particular interest are oocytes, whichContinue Reading