Steve May 22, 2022

The House was back in session last week. There were 3 bills that were debated and voted on in particular that I want to mention this morning: The Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act on Wednesday The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act also on Wednesday The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act on Thursday All three passed […]

Steve May 15, 2022

Blue America has a page called California– Not Blue Enough, which includes 13 congressional candidates; 3 incumbents and 10 challengers. State Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is one of the challengers. Over the years, her male opponents have underestimated her and treated her with disdain, as Robert Garcia, the conservative Republican running against her (as a fake-Democrat) […]

Steve May 11, 2022

Clay Clark excitedly announced that Donald Trump Jr. will be joining Michael Flynn and the cavalcade of COVID-19, election, and QAnon conspiracy theorists at an upcoming “ReAwaken America” event in Virginia. Speaking of QAnon conspiracy theorists, Johnny Enlow is not sure if the Earth is round or flat. The leader of the group “protecting” a […]

Steve May 11, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was caught on video scolding a group of high school students for wearing face masks as he took to the podium at a press conference Wednesday morning. DeSantis was at the University of South Florida to announce funding for cybersecurity education. “You do not have to wear those masks,” Gov. DeSantis […]

Steve May 11, 2022

The post was originally published at Ongoing History Of Protest Music. Bob Vylan is a grime punk duo that recently released their second album “Bob Vylan Present ThePrice Of Life.” Just like their 2020 debut album, “We Live Here,” the album features incisive political commentary addressing issues such as systemic racism and poverty. Their songs […]

Steve May 10, 2022

Jackson Lahmeyer declares that “we need trials for public health officials and government bureaucrats that oversaw COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Let’s make sure these abuses of power can never happen again and start with Anthony Fauci!” “This is the most racist thing I’ll say all podcast,” seems like an odd way to begin making […]

Steve May 9, 2022

Stew Peters makes a promise: “I personally vow to go to war with these lawless satanic criminals and we will WIN. … This comes with certain imminent risk, and I will not back down in fear. I will not acquiesce to intimidation tactics, and if God wills that I live, I will CRUSH and DESTROY […]

Steve May 8, 2022

-by Mike Elk With Election Day on May 17th, the AIPAC-affiliated United Democracy Project super PAC and the Irwin campaign are spending over 2 million dollars to attack congressional candidate Summer Lee. Likewise, the local media is helping by refusing to cover the racist nature of many of the attacks. Pittsburgh media has been notoriously […]

Steve May 7, 2022

On Wednesday The Congressional Progressive Caucus voted to endorse Erica Smith. She’s running in an open seat and her opponent is a virulently anti-Choice DINO. The primary is May 17 and Erica can use some help with her GOTV ground game between now and then. Please read her guest post below and consider contributing to […]

Steve May 3, 2022

Josh Bernstein is confident that either Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (who is not even serving on the court yet), or Justice Sonia Sotomayor or Justice Elena Kagan is responsible for leaking the Supreme Court’s draft decision striking down Roe v. Wade and he wants these “three evil bitches” investigated for treason. Mario Murillo is likewise […]

Steve May 2, 2022

Blue America endorsees like Jason Call are decidedly PRO LABOR! May Day has more than one meaning. The origin is an ancient festival marking the first day of summer in some cultures and a spring holiday in others. But in 1889 May Day was chosen by European socialists– with the agreement of labor activists, anarchists, […]