Steve September 30, 2022

California Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy recently released his party’s “Commitment to America.” The more fuzzy and abstract the document, the more crazies and slightly-less-crazy Republicans can find common ground., Read More

Steve Rider September 30, 2022

Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro faces former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Sunday’s presidential election. Lula is a former union leader who held office from 2003 through 2010. He’s running on a leftist platform to uplift Brazil’s poor, preserve the Amazon rainforest and protect Brazil’s Indigenous communities, and is supported by a broad, […]

Steve September 29, 2022

Ignoring the true cost of letting COVID-19 proliferate only compounds the risk that repeated infections will pose to people’s physical health—and ultimately the nation’s fiscal health., Read More

Steve Rider September 29, 2022

Hurricane Ian Carves Path of Destruction Along Florida’s Gulf Coast with 150 MPH Winds20 Cuban Migrants Missing and Feared Dead After Boat Capsizes Off Florida CoastDHS Lifts Shipping Restrictions to Allow Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico to Import FuelRussia’s Putin Set to Announce Annexation of Occupied Ukrainian TerritoriesGermany Warns Nord Stream Pipeline Disaster Could Be Among Worst […]

Steve September 28, 2022

This article was funded by the Marvel Cooke Fellowship. Read more about this reporting project and make a contribution to fund our fellowship budget. At Washington’s Stafford Creek Corrections Center, a group of incarcerated organizers have built community with local youths to fight for sentencing reforms, grappling with what it means to organize through an abolitionist lens from inside. […]