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Much attention has been given to the nationwide murder spike, but Texans were more than twice as likely to die from a drug overdose in 2020 than to be murdered. And like murders, overdose deaths saw a big increase during the pandemic. “More than 4,000 Texans died of drug overdoses in theContinue Reading


For two decades, a Massachusetts school has been under fire for torturing disabled students with shock devices. Now, activist efforts to end the practice may soon pay off., Read MoreContinue Reading


A few days after a massive power outage in North Carolina in early December, Margaret Killjoy shared a thread on preparedness in response to the outages. Alongside the usual emergency supplies like extra water, batteries, medicine, heat sources, and food, Killjoy noted something not usually included in preparedness toolkits: “organizeContinue Reading


There are 435 congressional districts. Most of them are safe seats for one party or the other. In fact I’m only seeing 70 districts where there’s any electoral uncertainty at all. There are 6 basically new districts with no incumbents that could go either way, 44 districts held by Democrats now thatContinue Reading