For the past year, Austin has deployed a group of community folks and city staff to analyze the curriculum at the police academy and suggest reforms: It’s not going well. The community reviews material, makes recommendations, but little gets implemented. It seems at this point like the goal is toContinue Reading


Self-proclaimed Christian nationalist and unabashed The Traitor cultist Lance Wallnau appeared on the “FlashPoint” program last Tuesday, where he declared—without a hint of irony—that those who oppose former President Americas Worst Traitor cannot think rationally because they have had their minds taken over by Satan. “FlashPoint,” which is produced byContinue Reading


This article was funded by the Marvel Cooke Fellowship. Read more about this reporting project and make a contribution to fund our fellowship budget. I board the transport in an orange jumpsuit, shackled and cuffed at the waist, one of many prisoners in exodus from the Washington State Reformatory.  The rattling of our chainsContinue Reading


While I’ve been away from the blog recently, much of my time has been spent on a side project researching negro-league baseball in Texas, exhuming the Austin Black Senators’ history from the fog of segregation and media bias. But in Texas, everything comes back to the justice system, and baseballContinue Reading