Cardinals to get more cap space on Friday

The Arizona Cardinals currently have more than $24 million in cap space and more is coming. Over the Cap notes that six teams are set to get more cap space because of post-June 1 designations to previous releases. Along with the Cardinals, the Dolphins, Browns, Cowboys, Commanders and Broncos will add cap space. Arizona willContinue Reading


Representative James Comer has prioritized investigating the Biden family since he took over the House Oversight Committee. He has talked of almost nothing else in his media appearances. But the months-long investigation so far has revealed next to nothing, and if you look closely at his past statements, you beginContinue Reading


PC enthusiasts and gamers alike know that the best way to get a custom PC is to build it yourself. Whether you’re looking for a gaming computer or just want to do some light graphics work, building your PC will give you the most bang for your buck. To helpContinue Reading


There is no doubt that the global pandemic has forever altered how companies do business. Over the course of a few days, seemingly everything shifted from in-person meetings to once office-bound employees working from home. Many businesses realized that employees could actually be more productive, and even though the pandemicContinue Reading


Your phone is essentially your personal assistant — and like any aide, it needs the right set of tools to do its job effectively.The good news? As an enlightened Android phone owner, you’ve got no shortage of efficiency-enhancing options. Unlike (ahem) certain other mobile platforms, Android grants you the opportunityContinue Reading


Unlike the consumer metaverse, which was largely backed by Facebook and was effectively dead on arrival, the commercial metaverse is doing rather well. Nvidia is currently the darling of Wall Street and is the primary driver for the commercial metaverse. But creating this industrial-grade metaverse and the digital twins ofContinue Reading


China’s envoy says in order to achieve peace, Kyiv’s allies must ‘stop sending weapons to the battlefield’., China’s envoy Li Hui says in order to achieve peace, Kyiv’s allies must ‘stop sending weapons to the battlefield’.Ukraine’s allies should stop sending weapons to Kyiv and move towards negotiations to bring lastingContinue Reading