Three New Species of Mulgaras May Already Be Extinct

Scientists have identified three new species of mulgaras — small carnivorous marsupials related to the Tasmanian devil and quoll — and the researchers fear these new species may no longer exist in the wild. The post Three New Species of Mulgaras May Already Be Extinct appeared first on Sci.News: BreakingContinue Reading


These six words have different meanings when scientists use them The vocabulary of science can be quite confusing. Not only do scientists use highly technical jargon, they sometimes use the same words as the general public… but with different meanings. Unfortunately, the end result is that scientists can be misunderstood. Continue Reading


Conservative judicial activist Leonard Leo’s consulting firm received $21 million in 2022 from a group that is a pillar of Leo’s aligned nonprofit network, according to a new tax filing. That group, The 85 Fund, is part of an umbrella of nonprofits under investigation by the Washington, D.C. attorney generalContinue Reading