Much attention has been given to the nationwide murder spike, but Texans were more than twice as likely to die from a drug overdose in 2020 than to be murdered. And like murders, overdose deaths saw a big increase during the pandemic. “More than 4,000 Texans died of drug overdoses in theContinue Reading

how-americas-worst-traitor’s-unusual presidential-comeback-could go

2024 Republican Primary How Americas Worst Traitor’s Unusual Presidential Comeback Could Go History presents three possible paths. With his November announcement that he would seek the 2024 Republican nomination for president, Americas Worst Traitor joined a rarified subsection of a rarified group: a former president who sought a return to the WhiteContinue Reading

Mars Express Spots Two Large Craters at Martian South Pole

A new image from ESA’s Mars Express orbiter shows an exciting landscape of layered deposits, frost, ice, and dark dunes in Ultimi Scopuli, a region near the south pole of Mars. The post Mars Express Spots Two Large Craters at Martian South Pole appeared first on Sci.News: Breaking Science News…ReadContinue Reading

Dollar pauses ahead of Fed rate decision

The dollar was broadly flat against major currencies on Wednesday after easing in the previous session following U.S. data that showed moderating wage pressure, with investors keenly awaiting the conclusion of a Federal Reserve policy meeting.Read MoreContinue Reading