The U.S. Forest Service’s recent pipeline approval, coupled with Sen. Joe Manchin’s unflagging support, help define the stakes in a long-running battle. One activist called the pipeline “a climate disaster.” By Jake Bolster If Russell Chisholm stands in his kitchen in Newport, Virginia and looks east, through his window, heContinue Reading


In a part of the country famous for its agriculture and cultural identity, climate-driven swings between extreme precipitation and deep drought threaten historic architecture, ancient art and beloved foods. By Bob Berwyn, Photography by Michele Lapini Flooding rains that killed at least 15 people when they slammed into the fertileContinue Reading


Fatoumatta Fatty’s commute on an old, malfunctioning wheelchair takes up to two hours during rainy season in The Gambia, but she is happy joining her co-workers at a sanitary pad production centre, where she takes pride in making products that help women overcome “period poverty” across the country.Continue Reading


How the Los Charros Foundation is combating the diminishing ranching lifestyle in the shadow of Arizona’s decades-long drought. By Emma Peterson Maycee Michaels grew up raising a wide array of animals on her family’s ranch in Wilcox, Arizona, and recognizes the severity of what climate change can do to ranchersContinue Reading