A wildfire can pump smoke up into the stratosphere, where the particles drift for over a year. A new MIT study has found that while suspended there, these particles can trigger chemical reactions that erode the protective ozone layer shielding the Earth from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation. The study,Continue Reading


FILE – This photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows the inside of the summit crater of the Kilauea Volcano on Jan. 6, 2023. The latest eruption at Kilaueas summit on Hawaiis Big Island has paused after 61 days of volcanic activity. Hawaii News Now reports U.S. Geological SurveysContinue Reading


A research team has shed new light on the importance of plant roots for below-ground life, particularly in the tropics. Millions of small creatures toiling in a single hectare of soil including earthworms, springtails, mites, insects, and other arthropods are crucial for decomposition and soil health. For a long time,Continue Reading