It’s more important than ever to flip Congress. There’s a page called Flip Congress, take a look. These are 8 candidates that have something in common: each is running against a rotgut conservative incumbent who deserves to be replaced. And each of these candidates would go a long way towardsContinue Reading


Eric Wilson is a Bernie-grade progressive Democrat running for Wisconsin’s Third Congressional district, a swing district that has 6 universities and progressive hubs throughout Western Wisconsin.  He’s the only candidate fighting for Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, Responsible Gun Ownership, a ceasefire in Gaza, and student loan forgiveness. This is exactly theContinue Reading


I had cause this morning to dig around in Texas’ 2023 traffic-stop data, so decided to post a few high/lowlights. This data, published annually in a cumbersome, user-unfriendly spreadsheet by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (see here), only includes arrests, searches, etc. at traffic stops. After Sandra Bland’s death,Continue Reading


Self-proclaimed “prophet” Julie Green told Rudy Giuliani that God assured her that Giuliani will receive “total exoneration” and “your name will be fully cleared.” After failing for a third time in the last eight years to get elected to Congress, Mark Burns declares that “God is not done with meContinue Reading


Electric vehicles are for Democrats and innovation is for leftists. Real patriots drive a SootStorm., Read MoreContinue Reading


A Working Class Candidate And A Renter In The State Senate There are 7,383 state legislators in the country— 1,972 state senators and 5,411 state reps. Until today, Blue America had endorsed a dozen out of these 7,383. Today we endorsed another, incumbent state Senator Tanya Vyhovsky. We didn’t justContinue Reading