An outreach leader for “extremist” group Moms For Liberty, a far-right movement that demonises LGBTQ+ people as a threat to children, has been exposed as a registered sex offender. An investigation by The Philadelphia Inquirer found that Phillip Fisher Jr, who had been hired by Moms For Liberty as anContinue Reading


Happy Native American Heritage Month 2023! To celebrate, we’re featuring books starring queer Native American and First Nations characters, by Native American and/or First Nations authors, as well as indigqueer poetry. While the usual affiliate links are included, I encourage you to check out and purchase from Birchbark Books, whoseContinue Reading


Adult Fiction Sunday Times-bestselling author of A MARVELLOUS LIGHT Freya Marske‘s SWORDCROSSED, pitched as Ellen Kushner’s SWORDSPOINT meets LEGENDS & LATTES; a second novel pitched as Grey’s Anatomy meets A DEADLY EDUCATION; an untitled novel; and an untitled novella, to Ruoxi Chen at Tor, in a six-figure deal, in a four-book deal, for publication in fallContinue Reading


The North Hertfordshire Museum will update its display about a Roman emperor after determining that she had been a transgender woman. The museum will now refer to emperor Elagabalus with the pronouns she/her. Elagabalus’s gender identity has long been a topic of debate amongst historians and academics, with historical accountsContinue Reading


‘Tis the season to have a gay ol’ time. As the temperatures begin to drop, (as low as they can get here in LA), it’s time to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and watch a cheesy Christmas movie. Bonus points if it’s Yuletide-ly gay. No worries ifContinue Reading