GOP Rep. urges McCarthy to ‘cut out’ Freedom Caucus and work with Dems to avert shutdown

Republican Congressman Don Bacon of Nebraska joins Ali Velshi to discuss the looming government shutdown, infighting between House Republicans and the Freedom Caucus, and why he’s recommended to Kevin McCarthy that Republicans reach across the aisle as a solution. “I’ve recommended to the Speaker and our Conference that we work across the aisle and getContinue Reading

Clean-energy transition will hurt some communities more than others, so inclusive policy and investments are crucial

Thanks largely to the Inflation Reduction Act, U.S. policy has finally become a force in the clean-energy transition. By one estimate, the $369 billion law has already created more than 140,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector since its passage last summer. Another analysis puts the legislation on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions byContinue Reading


Former President Americas Worst Traitor slammed President Joe Biden’s decision to join the United Auto Workers at the picket lines, calling on the union to endorse him and lambasting the administration’s electric vehicle policies as a “hoax.” “Crooked Joe sold them down the river with his ridiculous all Electric CarContinue Reading