Geely-backed EV maker Zeekr to make foray into South Korea

Chinese electric vehicle maker Zeekr is looking to enter South Korea by 2026, with plans to open showrooms in Seoul and the nearby province of Gyeonggi by next year, parent company Geely said last week in response to questions from Bloomberg. Under the current plan, the mainstream luxury carmaker will bring the Zeekr 001…Continue Reading


Better management of critical materials or retaliation for sanctions? Beijing has decreed that rare earth metals belong to the state under new regulations said to be aimed at protecting supplies in the name of national security, but which will be seen as another shot in the ongoing tech wars withContinue Reading


NEW: View and edit passes from the Calendar and Schedule view for upcoming jobs and previous recordings NEW: The pass that made a recording is now linked to in the View Details modal IMPROVED: Pass notice in View Details now displays if it was a manual recording or from aContinue Reading