Break free from limited cloud-based AI models that are too pricey and do not respect your privacy by installing LLMs directly on your computer. This empowers you with greater control over your data, all without relying on big tech companies. My previous articles explored building your own Private GPT orContinue Reading


Recently I encountered a strange issue in Ubuntu 24.04. When I ran some applications, their icons didn’t show in the launcher. Instead, it displayed a gear/settings symbol. Some application icons are not shown in the launcher This was particularly weird because those applications did have icons and the thumbnails wereContinue Reading


NEW: Live commercial detection will not block regular commercial detection from continuing NEW: Tailscale VPN is now built-in for easier Away from Home access IMPROVED: Advanced pass options are now available in the main Series Pass editor on the web UI IMPROVED: Backup will be made before upgrading to newContinue Reading


A new version of Celluloid, an open-source media player for Linux, has been released. Celluloid (originally called GNOME MPV, albeit many moons ago) is an MPV-based media player able to leverage many of MPV’s ‘powerful playback capabilities’, but wrapped up within a more modern-looking GUI. The latest Celluloid 0.27 releasesContinue Reading