Intel has unveiled Thunderbolt 5, the latest iteration of its a standard aimed at enabling super-fast connectivity. From a report: With Thunderbolt 5, Intel promises a significant leap in connectivity speed and bandwidth, delivering enhanced performance for computer users. The unveiling of a prototype laptop and dock accompanied the announcement,Continue Reading


It can be puzzling when someone appears unavailable on Facebook Messenger. This guide discusses the possible reasons the “This person is unavailable on Messenger” message appears when you open a Facebook conversation, and what you can do about it. Good to know: learn how to download your Facebook chat historyContinue Reading

Of over 200 IT security decision makers surveyed, data theft is cited as the biggest concern by 55 percent, followed by phishing (35 percent) with ransomware taking third place on 29 percent. The study from Integrity360 shows that in terms of actual incidents phishing is the most common (46 percent),Continue Reading

Credit card disputes at Visa continued rising past their pandemic boom despite the proliferation of prevention software, as fraud grows alongside e-commerce and inflation. From a report: Disputes on Visa’s network rose to more than 90 million in 2022, data provided by the payment company showed. More than 70 millionContinue Reading

Fossil of Deep-Snouted Alligator Species Found in Thailand

The newly-identified species is closely related to the Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis), the only living representative of Alligatoridae (the crown-group of caimans and alligators) outside the Americas. The post Fossil of Deep-Snouted Alligator Species Found in Thailand appeared first on Sci.News: Breaking Science News…Read MoreContinue Reading