US unemployment in the technology sector increased by 0.2% to 3.5% last month, following an upward trend in joblessness in all sectors. Technology occupations across the economy declined by an estimated 133,000 positions, according to a new report from IT industry group CompTIA. Overall, the US unemployment rate among allContinue Reading


NEW: View and edit passes from the Calendar and Schedule view for upcoming jobs and previous recordings NEW: The pass that made a recording is now linked to in the View Details modal IMPROVED: Pass notice in View Details now displays if it was a manual recording or from aContinue Reading


Are you interested in leveraging Markdown for online content without any website setup or build process? How about seamlessly embedding constraint-free Markdown or HTML into multiple platforms (such as a content management system or learning management system)? The open source project Docsify-This, built with Docsify.js, provides an easy way toContinue Reading


Your open source project’s documentation is essential to your customers. Your target audience must understand the purpose of your project and how to use it, and documentation is what bridges that gap. A project is rarely ever truly done, so it’s equally important for resources to be maintained and updatedContinue Reading


NEW: View and edit passes from the Calendar view for upcoming jobs and previous recordings NEW: View and edit passes from the Schedule view NEW: Added a Restore Trash button to Trash to restore the entire contents of Trash NEW: Server side settings for excluding sources in News or SportsContinue Reading